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VR Getting Into Online Casino Games

December 18 - It is now very clear that there is no industry that is immune to the idea of Virtual Reality. However, of all the industries that utilize or are thinking of implementing this technology, casino industry seems to be taking the lead. The industry currently has lots of players who are willing to bet any amount on casino games if they are interesting enough to play. As a result, this has pushed game developers to go beyond the limits by designing games that are capable of running in full VR. This is to keep tabs with the recent release of hardware pieces like the Oculus Rift.

Why VR is first getting into online casino games

The average online casino is dominated by slot machines, odds, and casino chips. This setup is very far from what would entice a 21st century player. You see, this consumer now wants to compete for glory in a world of fantasy because they see it in movies, and they think it?s cool.

So developers should start thinking Virtual Reality to cater for this growing market, thanks to the fact that some casino operators have began testing this concept on their platform, thus giving users more reasons to salivate.

As it is now, casino operators are starting to think of offering immersive game experience instead of just connecting two people from opposite sides of a computer. Furthermore, the modern consumer is getting complicated in the sense that he doesn't just want to see - he wants to experience this world in 3D or as a whole. He appreciates the fact that linking up with real humans and seeing life-like activities is good. However, he is not satisfied by simply seeing, and this is why developers are thinking of taking the concept of VR into the next level, even though it hasn't crawled yet.

Here's what should happen

To create that real, intimate experience that a player would enjoy most, they need to feel the game. In return, the game needs to respond to their feelings in an intelligent way. This is why some developers have already started exploring possibilities in this area. They are thinking of creating VR games that also rely on biofeedback to make games responsive according to how a user feels.

For instance, if the user has changed their physical state, the game in question will also adapt according to the changes since it is equipped with intelligent sensors which can do this job. But we must admit that this technology is still in its infancy, and may not be rolled out any time soon. But at least it is pointing in the right direction, which is an indication that the industry is willing to offer true VR games that are beyond mediocrity. Therefore, as it is now, the center of focus is on developing VR technology to a level that players would actually interact with real life-like activities in the virtual world.

In other words, competition is growing by the day. In will reach a point when it will be very difficult to sell slot games if they can?t be played in VR format. However, even with the glory of VR, you will still be forced to use one of the best pokie guides available in order to win. The concept of VR guarantees unlimited fun, but not victory.

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  • 2016/12/18 10:12:27 PM
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