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Three Excellent Horse Racing Themed Slots Reviewed

November 21 - Horse racing is something that should never be taken lightly as the losses can be huge and wipe off your entire bank balance in an instance. What people normally see within a few minutes of a horse race is actually something that's a result of months and sometimes years of hard work and breeding, both in terms of the trainer as well as the horse (here?s the story of a horse racing enthusiast you should know!). However, there is a playful side to the horse racing as well, which is to do with the build-up of the race, the betting activity and the overall excitement of scoring huge wins!

It's this playful side of horse racing that the developers of online casino games tap into and create some exciting horse race themed online slots for the interested players. Even if you?re not an ardent fan of online casinos, you can avail casino no deposit bonuses and try these games at least once. Who knows, you might get hooked on to them for good!

Sure Win online slot

This one is a 5-reel online slot game that features 3 rows and 25 pay lines. The game focuses on the horse racing's playful side. There are 3 jockeys, 3 horses and many other horse racing related symbols on the reels. You could come across some evil and smiling faces too!

Sure Win online slot game is the perfect reflection of the entertainment that's offered by the online casinos of today. The game is counted among one of the highest paying non-progressive slot games on the internet, offering a maximum winning potential of 560,000 coins. Considering that every coin is worth $0.25, that can be a huge pay out!

Lucky Horse online slot

This one is quite different from the regular video slot games. For instance, it features 6 rather than the regular 5 reels, thus providing players the opportunity to score more winning lines, 466 to be precise. Instead of focusing entirely on the horses and the jockeys, the Lucky Horse online slot game shifts focus on the people who watch and own the horses.

Lucky Horse online slot also has horizontal expanding wilds (represented by the Lucky Horse symbol), that can create plenty of exciting winning combinations. Some of the other special features of the online slot include connected lines, stacked wilds and more. The game can be played on various social networks and is also available as a native app in all major smart phone app libraries.

Derby Dollars online slot

Derby Dollars is an online slot that combines the best of both the above-detailed games. While on one hand you can play it in both real play and free play format, on the other there are all kinds of jackpots, bonus features and racing fun for the interested players. The retro sounds and visuals give you a feel of being inside a conventional Las Vegas casino dating back to the 1920s era!

To conclude, while you can stay on top of the latest in horse races through popular news platforms, and score consistent wins betting on them, it might also be a good idea to indulge in the above-detailed horse race themed slot games to increase your overall entertainment.

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