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The Best Ways for Horse Bettors to Play the Trifecta

September 3 - There are just a couple months left for horse racing fans to wager on the big-name stakes events, ending with Breeders Cup betting in late October. And while the Triple Crown is behind us, there?s never a bad time to fine tune your wagering strategy. We look at the best ways to handicap and bet the trifecta for a big score when you are online horse race betting:

What is the trifecta?

Before you bet it, you should really know what you're getting into when placing money on the trifecta. The parimutuel bet requires the bettor to correctly select which horses will finish first, second and third. In order for the bet to pay off, all three aspects of the trifecta must come through. So even through you may have called the first and second place winners, an incorrect third-place pick kills the bet.

Capping the trifecta

Some horse bettors like to pick their winner than find two other horses who can contend to round out the second and third place slots. Others work backwards, and narrow down some solid horses who have potential but just not enough to win. The main objective is to find that one winner and build the trifecta around them, giving yourself a better payout rather than just a straight wager on a winner.

Use the odds to compare where each horse should finish and then cross reference with the racing forms and any other information you have available to find any discrepancies in those values. You should be able to narrow down your selections then run multiple trifectas, swapping out your second and third-place horses.

Betting the trifecta

Money management plays a big part in how you should pick your trifectas and veteran horse bettors will tell you to set aside a designated bankroll just for parimutuel plays. It is recommended that you never play more than 5 percent of your bankroll on these types of wagers, due to their longer odds of hitting.

Designate a certain dollar amount to the trifectas you want to play, wagering more on the ones you feel most confident about and put down less money on the trifectas that may feature a few more flyers at higher odds. Those don't sting as much when they miss and still cash in quite nicely if they do somehow pay out.

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