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The Best Jockeys In History

So, with the Grand National and the Cheltenham cup behind us and preparations underway behind the scenes for next year, how did you do betting-wise? Did you bet a winner? Did you put a wager on a long shot and strike it lucky at the bookies? Or did your favourite crash and burn and your bet evaporated into thin air? Either way, we bet you had a lot of fun watching it and getting involved!

Whether you are a pro, or a beginner, there are many ways you can enhance your chances of winning such as sites that allow you to learn more about horse racing betting and jockeys so you are well prepared for next year! To give you a bit of motivation for learning about the top jockeys in the world (so you can hedge your bets a bit better next year) we thought we would give you an overview of the past legends of the horseracing world! Read on to find out more, in no particular order!

Russel Baze

Can you believe that this jockey has raced in over 50,000 races! No me neither. Better than that, he has won a grand total of 7,141 and pocketed over $199,000,000 in prize money. Holding both American and Canadian citizenship he averaged 400 races a year in his prime, something not many other jockeys can say that they have done!

Lester Piggott

With over 4,493 wins under his belt, he has often been awarded with the prestigious title of one of the best jockeys of all time. British born, and born into a family of horse riding fanatics and jockeys, he began riding at the tender age of ten and sailed to his first victory aged just 12 years old. Now pushing 85, he has long hung up his riding boots. He is unusually tall in jockey terms, at just over 5 ft 8 and he did run into issues when riding, due to his weight!

Chris McCarron

This guy has won over 12,831 races, totalling over $270,000 in prize money during his career. With nine Breeders Cup Races, one Japan Cup, and six Triple Crown races, he is up there with some of the greatest jockeys ever!

Kent Desormeaux

As of the end of 2016, Kent has won over 5,500 races and bagged $265,531,336 in prizes. That is a lotta dolla! After starting his career at the tender age of 16, he has won many Breeder?s Cup prizes and was the first foreign jockey to win at the Japan?s Classics.

Willie Carson

This jockey hails from Scotland and was lucky enough to be an apprentice for the famous Captain Gerald Armstrong who taught him everything that he knows. He won his first race aged 20 and then went on to win 17 British Classics as well as winning 100 races in a season, over 23 years! With over 3000 wins, and sometimes even six in one day, he will go down as one of the best jockeys the world has ever seen.

So this is what today's guys and girls are up against. Whilst many of these legends have been put out to pasture, if you do your research on them, maybe you might learn how to pick a winner these days!

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