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The Best Horse Racing Games Around

September 25 - Betting may be one of the first things that many would associate with horse racing, but it is necessarily not the case - especially for the avid horse racing enthusiasts. It is because they can connect with the sport not just by betting, but may also playing horse racing games. There are plenty of games in this genre. One can take the role of a jockey to ride on the back of a horse to win races, all at the comfort of your home. There are several titles available when it comes to horse racing, but here are some of the best desktop horse racing games around:

One of the long-standing series when it comes to horse racing, Winning Post comes from Tecmo Koei. After having debuted in 1993, it has consistently ranked as one of the top games in its category. Even though it has only been released in Japan, the latest edition manages to take the goalposts even further. The players will be able to access more than 300 new horses and jockeys, while several hundred more have been included in the history. Several tournaments which were unavailable previously have also been included. The incredible graphics, gameplay, and astonishing eye for detail make this a must-play for horse racing fans.

It is not necessary for players to get expensive gaming consoles in order to access horse racing games that would provide a lot of excitement. It can be through games as simple as the Raceday, which requires a browser and flash support. This game is about going through a lengthy tournament and players have to build their horses as they go along. Simulating a real-life experience which is not limited to the races alone, Raceday takes things for them by encompassing every aspect of the sport. However, it is most important element is bringing a sport regarded as fit for kings to the masses quite effectively.

Games no longer have to be about just entertainment, as the slot titles of today also provide the opportunity to win money while playing games. Out of the several hundred slot titles with varying themes, horse racing happens to be well represented by Microgaming's First Past the Post. Online casino sites are one of the places to experience this game, which encompasses every aspect of a racing team like champagne, horses, and betting tickets. Even the soundtrack is meant to suit the game?s theme. The availability of bonus features like free spins and multipliers not only provide excitement, but they can also help players move away from the notion that betting on horse racing provides money.

Gallop Racer 2006

Tecmo are once again behind this title, which is available on several platforms like PlayStation and desktops. Even though it has been around for quite a while now, it still manages to remain as one of the most entertaining. As a jockey, players will be able to experience all the iconic tournaments like the Paris cup, Tokyo Cup, or even the Royal Cup. Similarly, it is also possible to go with some of the iconic horses or even horses that are not familiar in many parts of the world. All these horses can be pitted against each other to increase the excitement value. One of the standout elements of this game is the ability to receive a boost if the player is riding the horse well.

Starters Orders 6 has been able to make up a significant step up from its predecessor - Starters Orders 5. One of the first improvements happens to come in the form of the graphics, which is substantially better than in the previous version. Furthermore, the player is given the opportunity to go into variety of views like first person, side scrolling, and even cinematic. There is a decent amount of interest in the background. While the rest of this title happens to be largely similar to the predecessor, the substantial changes to the graphics takes the game play and experience to a new level.

Horse racing is not just about betting, and these games prove that horse racing enthusiasts can certainly experience the game even on a desktop or a gaming console.

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