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Saddest Moments In Horse Racing History

February 3 - Picture it: You are just about ready to place a few Cheltenham free bets on an online sporting website when you receive the most devastating news ever. The horse you were going to bet on has had an accident. In every sport there is a certain amount of risk the players are facing and with horse racing, the risk is even greater. Horse and rider can both be at risk of correctional or unintended fatalities that can shake the world to the core. Here is a list of some of the world's biggest horse racing tragedies.

Eight Belles

This beautiful filly had placed second in the Kentucky Derby back in 2008 and had a bright future ahead of her. Disaster struck however when she had a haunting accident during the Churchill Downs. Both of Eight Belles? front ankles broke while she was racing and trainers had to euthanize her right on the track. While it was not clear what had caused this terrible accident, onlookers will always be haunted by the devastating image of such a magnificent horse being ripped from her life of racing.


Ruffian was known as the Queen of the fillies and had a tragic accident in 1975 when running at Belmont. Being at top speed, Ruffian was in the lead when two bones in her right foreleg snapped. As if that was not bad enough, this determined horse kept running, causing endless damage to her leg. She was immediately taken into surgery and after waking up from anaesthesia, she was so bewildered that she caused damage in the operating room as well as breaking her shoulder. Having done that, surgeons were forced to put her down.

Marching Song and Fenix Two

Two horses that were due to run at the Newbury racecourse in Britain died even before the race began. When post-mortems were completed, it was said that the two horses were electrocuted by a current running under the paddock. While it might be hard to believe, many people, including the two horses' owners feel that foul play was involved.

Phar Lap

Phar Lap's case of death has never been completely resolved but it is widely believed that he was poisoned with a large dose of arsenic. As this horse was a legendary winner and has won 37 of his 51 stats, there was reason to believe that other horse owners were getting mad as Phar Lap was continuously taking all the wins. Even with the confirmed arsenic poisoning, closure will never be reached to the full extent.

Horse racing and horse betting can become an intense game and when owners start getting greedy over money or wins, there is no telling what they will do in order to secure a win for their own horse. Foul play continues to play a role in all major sports and analysing all relevant information can be the only help to solve foul play cases for good

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