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Jeffrey Lloyd

Jockey Profile

Jeffrey Lloyd
Jeffrey Lloyd was born in Durban, South Africa on 22 August 1956.

Lloyd, considered one of the best jockeys in the world, moved with his family to Sydney, Australia.

Upon his decision to relocate, he felt that three was a break in the jockey market in Sydney, and decided to take the opportunity. Since identifying the gap, and moving, the market has changed substantially, and has become tremendously competitive. He also chose the city of Sydney, as it he felt it was most like Durban, both with the lifestyle and the exhilarating racing.
Jeffrey Lloyd
Although Lloyd received resounding success as a jockey in South Africa, and was internationally accepted as one of the world's top jockeys, and even though his record surpassed any other jockey currently competing in Australia, he was surprisingly unheard of in the Australian racing circle. This didn't deter the champion, and he spent little time making himself known.

Lloyd compares the tracks in Australia to South Africa, stating that, back home; working on a horses speed is much quicker, and that you work a much shorter distance in the morning. He also mentions that even though all jockeys are competitive, the Australians have a very diverse riding style to the South African's. He also noted that the Australian jockeys are considerably taller!

Having ridden successfully in the past in countries such as Germany, England, Hong Kong and Singapore, Lloyd seems to have taken Sydney unawares. He was proud to have been part of the Golden Slipper event, which coincided with his inaugural Carnival in Sydney, placing him third on the premiership.

Lloyd is constantly setting new goals for himself, as he enjoys the challenge and accomplishing them. He likes the competition to be tough, as it forces him to perform at his finest at every meet.

Jeffrey Lloyd - Betting

Jeffrey Lloyd

Jeffrey Lloyd

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