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Grosser Preis von Baden

Race Name Grade Track
Grosser Preis von Baden 1 Iffezheim Racecourse Grosser Preis von Baden

Grosser Preis von Baden

The Grosser Preis von Baden is Germany's most prestigious horse race. It is held each September in Baden Baden with a purse on offer of ?870,000 (well over $1 million thanks to currency fluctuations). The race is open to international competitors; and thoroughbred horses of 3 years old and up can enter.

The Grosser Preis von Baden is a flat turf race. Over time the race length has changed; since 1898 it has been run at a distance of 2400 meters (12 furlongs). At the inaugural race -- which was run under the auspices of the French Societ?portive d' Encouragement in 1858 -- it was 3200 meters and it stayed at this distance through to 1886, then from 1887 to 1893 it changed to 2800 meters, and from 1894 to 1897 it changed to 2200 meters.

Grosser Preis von Baden Racecourse


The Iffezheim Racecourse is home to the Grosser Preis von Baden race. Iffezheim racetrack is an especially charming racecourse, with magnificent views of the stunning Black Forest; it's situated about eight miles out the centre town, near the small village of Iffezheim. The elegant course is regularly compared to Deauville not only because of the jovial holiday vibe, but also because of the history of the track and structures. Baden Baden tops the German racing calendar as the place for steeplechasing and hurdle racing, showcasing the most important jump races in Germany.

Iffezheim Race Course
There are two much-publicized festivals in Iffezheim racetrack. The 'Grand Week' and the 'Spring Festival' are hugely successful, with over 160 000 visitors and tote revenue a staggering 20 Million Euro. The festivals both consist of 6 race days, with an average of 9 races being run per day.

Grosser Preis von Baden - Past Winners

2003 Mamool
2004 Warrsan
2005 Warrsan
2006 Prince Flori
2007 Quijano

Grosser Preis von Baden - Betting

Grosser Preis von Baden

Grosser Preis von Baden

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