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Bridget Oppenheimer

Owner Profile

Bridget Oppenheimer
Bridget Oppenheimer is a well known South African racehorse owner, also known as the 'first lady' of horse racing in South Africa and even 'Mrs O', and the widow of prominent South African businessman and one of the world's richest men, Harry Oppenheimer.

For decades jockeys sporting the distinctive black and yellow silks around South Africa's many racetracks have been easily recognizable as those riding for the Oppenheimers. Over the years Bridget Oppenheimer has seen her horses run in thousands of race and, as such, has numerous wins and places to her name.
Bridget Oppenheimer
She has a stud farm called Mauritzfontein in the old diamond mining town of Kimberley in South Africa's Northern Cape Province. Mauritzfontein has yielded a good number of Bridgette Oppenheimer's more successful runners, including Tigray, Sycamore Fig, Blue-White and Dog Wood.

As a great and long-time supporter of South African horseracing, Bridgette Oppenheimer has also been associated with many of the country's best trainers, including Mike de Kock, Steven Page and Charles Laird, who between them have ensured Bridgette's place in the winner's circle on many occasions.

Bridgette Oppenheimer was once famously quoted as saying that 'horseracing is a lot like the children's game snakes and ladders - you're either on the way up or on the way down.'

Bridget Oppenheimer - 10 Notable Horses Owned

Tiger Fish

King Willow

Horse Chestnut

Fort Wood


Celtic Grove

Strike Smartly

Smart Banker

Greys Inn

Team Valor

Bridget Oppenheimer - Betting

Bart Cummings

Bart Cummings

Bookmaker.com Review

5Dimes.com Review

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