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Betting On Horse Racing Can Be More Profitable Than Other Sports

March 6 - When you place a bet on horse racing (or any sport for that matter), it constitutes a contract between yourself and the bookmaker you take your odds with. Ultimately you are betting on your opinion against theirs and that is part of the excitement of the game.

The reason why horse racing gives you more of an opportunity to be profitable than any other sport is that there are so many factors to take into consideration by the bookmakers when it comes to determining the odds of a horse. Recent form, ground conditions, the jockey who will be on board and if they are going to be wearing any headgear are just some of the things they have to take into account. This will mean that there will be occasions where they will get their pricing wrong. If you have done your research, you can hopefully spot their errors and take full advantage of them.

In other sports, using football as the best example, the bookmakers are able to be very accurate with their pricing as there are fewer?factors for them to worry about. Arsenal face Bayern Munich later this month in the second leg of their Champions League tie. When it comes to setting the odds on this game, the bookmaker will consider how the first leg panned out in Germany, the form of the two clubs domestically will be noted and any injuries that the?two squads have will be taken into account.

As you can see here, Bayern Munich will go off as the 2.29 favourites against the Gunners and that price looks absolutely spot on given how dominant they in their 5-1 victory over Arsene Wenger's side last month. Here are three useful tips to look out for when betting on horse racing:

- Horses who have had three unsuccessful runs and then feature in a handicap. Trainers often run their horse over the wrong trip or ground to ensure the handicapper is lenient on them. Once they have a mark, you are likely to see the best out of them at the right distance and conditions.

- Watch out for early market movers. The best guide to a horse's chances can be the betting. If a horse is very popular in the morning of a race and the bookmakers are forced to slash its odds, that's is likely to suggest the horse has a great chance that day.

- Notable jockey bookings can also be a sign that connections think their horse has a great chance of winning its particular race. If the Champion Jockey Jim Crowley, for example, does not normally ride for a particular trainer, but they have booked their services, the trainer is making sure they have for the best possible rider to help them be successful.

It is always worth keeping a log of your bets in horse racing as you may find you do particular well in certain types of races. Once you spot your strengths, you can look to concentrate on that which will hopefully help you make as much profit as possible out of betting on the sport.

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